Stephanie Huston

Stephanie is a world traveler, global manager, writer, and mentor based in New York City.

Stephanie Huston is an inspired adventure traveler and influencer who wants to see every country in the world. She has so far traveled to 35 countries and 111+ cities across 7 continents. She is currently on a mission to explore all 50 US States, and has six left to go! Stephanie works full-time in the AdTech industry in NYC and is a contributor for HuffPost, writing about how to live a successful, inspired life, dominate your career, and make an impact while traveling the world. Huston is passionate about women succeeding in business; she volunteers for The United Women in Business Foundation, and served as Board of Directors NYC President 2014 - 2016. UWIB is an educational non-profit devoted to the professional development and education for women across all industries; as President, Stephanie provided oversight and guidance to the Board of Directors in efforts to help members excel in today’s business environment. Have a career or travel question? Ask Stephanie on Instagram (@StrategicStephTravels), Facebook (/StrategicStephTravels), or Twitter (@StrategicStephanie)!