Tim McConnehey

Founder of Izzard Ink Publishing

As a multifaceted publishing visionary, Tim McConnehey specializes in the publishing of e-books through his company, Izzard Ink Publishing. And when he says multifaceted, he means it! Tim directs eight teams covering every facet of publishing, including finance, distribution, marketing, website development, art, public relations, cover and interior design, audiobook production, editing, and copyright. Through his background in corporate training, business management, and business development, McConnehey acquired extensive experience in client service. And as someone who is never satisfied with the status quo, he came up with the idea of creating Izzard Ink Publishing after reading an article about e-books in the Wall Street Journal. Izzard Ink Publishing has now grown from that initial idea into a business that has sold over 300,000 books, with a client list that has sold over 45 million books combined—all accomplished by delivering exceptional personalized client service and working with the best people in publishing. Through McConnehey’s promotion and marketing of their books, Izzard Ink’s authors have been featured on Fox News, C-Span’s Book TV, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications throughout the country. McConnehey has a B.A. in International Business from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife Wendy and their two children. In his (rare) free time, he loves to restore old cars and motorcycles. To learn more about Tim McConnehey and Izzard Ink Publishing, visit: