10 Tips to Enhance Your Vocal Leadership

Voice Is Power. Great leaders communicate their drive, passion and commitment not simply in their rhetoric, but embody them in the tones of their voices, through their body language, in the very sinews of who they are. As Arthur says, "People do not say to an individual, 'Your voice is tense or your voice is anxious.' They may, however, say, 'You are tense or you are anxious.'" The following tips will help you communicate confidently, effectively and authentically at all times:

1. Communication is not merely data. Please do not deliver as you type. Be strategic and mindful.

2. 'The meeting begins before you walk in the room'. Do not bustle, carry your Self in Conscious Awareness embodying the leader you want to be known as.

3. Always embody the axiom: 'It is not only the message, but the messenger that matters'. It is not merely what we say, but how we say it.

4. Never aspire to competence. To be competent is to be proficient. Rather, aspire to excellence -- a commitment to being exceptional.

5. In Communication Mastery/Integrative Leadership leaders ennoble. They do not subjugate. Treat everyone with respect.

6. Leadership excellence begins with 'leading by example'.

7. Create a Persona Statement -- your personal brand. This will form the basis of how you want to be known, not merely in what you do but who you are.

8. The routine is never routine. To become a great Champion in sport or in life requires 'not just reps' but quality reps.

9. Our mouth is not 'our mind outloud'. Be strategic.

10. "Breath is fuel." If it is important enough to say, it is important enough to breathe before you say it. It is the trigger that shifts your communication from unconscious/habitual to Conscious Awareness.


You do have a choice in how you are known. When you integrate your deeper Self through your voice you will fulfill your Vision and become a truly extraordinary Leader. This is Vocal Leadership.