31 Days 2 Resolution: Part One

31 Days 2 Resolution: Part One
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Every December, like clockwork, I try and ring the bell as loud as possible to get people psyched up for New Year's resolutions. I have a bunch of reasons: empty gyms, cheap memberships, lack of peer pressure and on and on. It's a tough battle that I fight, going head to head with holiday parties, never ending good cheer and a seemingly endless supply of sweets and other temptations. By the time we get to the end of December, it's a fight to do anything, let alone hit the gyms for an all out health-and-fitness bonanza.

So this year, I have tried something different. I'm offering a quick tip every day of December to try and help get you in the resolution mind set: #31Days2Resolution. The tip is a quick 15-second video -- my own personal exercise to shoot and post everything on Instagram... so blazingly hip.

Here I have compiled the first nine days. It's quick, VERY quick, so give it a look. And look forward to the rest of the month.

And, as always, let me know if there is something you want to see addressed. You can email me at michael@fitnessgurunyc.com.

Rock on!

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