5 Benefits of Custom Cloud Solutions

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly opting for cloud computing. Startups who move to the cloud can enjoy a myriad of benefits--including drastic cost savings, security and agility. It's no secret that moving to the cloud can benefit small and mid-sized organizations as well. Lower maintenance costs and investments can absolutely maximize an organization's return on investment.

Some 80 percent of organizations are either utilizing or strongly considering adopting the cloud in the near future. However, many startups and medium-sized organizations are finding that custom cloud hosting is the right solution for their brand.

Here are my five biggest benefits of custom cloud hosting packages for companies of any size:

1. It Won't Be Too Costly

In some cases, dramatically expanding storage with a pre-packaged cloud provider can include unexpected costs. If an organization is anticipating new contracts or drastic growth, a cloud provider that can promise affordable service is critical. Many pre-packaged cloud providers only sell storage in terabyte units, meaning startups could find themselves paying for a large volume of storage they don't need. Early termination and upgrades of contracts with some pre-packaged providers can carry hefty penalty fees.

2. It May Include Expert Input

If your startup is just venturing into cloud, a custom solution provider may provide the transitional assistance you need. CIO's James Staten recommends assessing your "virtual maturity" and considering managed services, even if it's for a brief period while you secure the internal talent necessary. The right service can assist in configuration, integration, and training internal employees.

3. It's Agile for Increased Security Needs

What if your startup wins a major new contract, and suddenly needs to worry about HIPAA or PCI compliance? You could suddenly find yourself needing more storage, faster systems and better security--which could demand internal security officers and audits. A custom cloud provider often offers more flexibility to change details in an existing agreement.

4. You'll Have 24/7 Expert Support

If you lose access to your data, you lose your company's livelihood. While it's critical to check the level of support available with any cloud hosting provider, cloud-computing expert George A. White reports that custom providers are more likely to offer 24/7 expert resources. You won't have to struggle with after-hour voicemails or generic, unhelpful resources with the right provider.

5. Configuration Can Be Simpler

Custom cloud providers are often able to tailor configurations to fit their clients needs, not vice versa. In many cases, custom providers have far greater flexibility when it comes to architecture and configuration. Startups should seek vendors with standard product sets, not custom solutions which may be costly and difficult to integrate with your legacy systems.

If your business uses cloud-computing, let me know what works or doesn't work for you.