A White American's Reaction To The Election

To everyone I know from Mexico, yesterday I called you friend, today I call you family. To every immigrant who God has sent to enrich my life -- naturalized, documented, and most especially, undocumented -- know I stand with you. To those of the Muslim religion, people of faith like me who contribute to my community, I will learn more about how we are alike and choose to see you as individuals. To all of the refugees across the vast ocean I might not ever meet because unfortunately, you are not welcome in my country, I will not forget you. To all those who fear losing the basic healthcare you just received, I will acknowledge your struggles to provide your family what I take for granted. To the African American community, I will humbly learn about your rich history, cultural traditions, and legitimate fears I will never have for my own children. To all of you who, unlike me, have faced bigotry due to who you choose to love, your race, ancestry, or accents, I mourn with you.

You are all my sisters and my brothers and I am overwhelmed right now. So although I'm not Catholic, today I will go and light a candle for you, praying to the God Who Sees. Tomorrow and hereon after, I will work harder to leverage my privilege for you.

(My White, U.S. Citizen, English-Speaking, Southern Accent, Heterosexual, Evangelical Christian, Upper-Middle Class, Never-Lacking Healthcare, College-Funded, Ph.D. Privilege)

Feel the warmth of my candle and the sincerity of my prayer. May you one day feel the impact of change.

To everyone like me, #LeverageYourPrivilege.