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Aaron Schock Talks Abs--His And Obama's--With TMZ (VIDEO)

TMZ has ambushed Hottest Freshman Aaron Schock again, this time asking him "Who has better abs, you or President Obama?" a reference to Obama's shirtless appearance in Hawaii last December.

The Congressman responded "I don't know, we'll have to match up sometime."

When asked if Illinois is the land of abs, Schock, who hails from Peoria, demurred and said "I don't know about that."

Schock then asked TMZ if they were coming in to watch the CSPAN segment he was about to tape, and the cameraman, not yet ready to move on, replied "Okay, did you know Abe Lincoln also had great abs? My boss Harvey [Levin] is reading a book on Abe Lincoln..."

Schock interrupted "Did he really? I tell ya, I learn something new every time I watch TMZ."