Bernie Sanders: A Deeply Spiritual Politician

Bernie Sanders manifests the potential - like no American politician before him - to ignite a movement of "civic spirituality," something we desperately need in these times.

Cornel West has spoken of the way Bernie embodies the spirit of MLK. He roars with the people. Bernie's blazing moral vision, rugged human goodness and utter transparency is a powerful testament to the earthquake-like potentials and innovative surges that characterize the American landscape itself, which has always been capable of birthing the profoundly new. Not to mention, the extraordinary kinship created and felt by everyone who loves him.

For all these reasons and more, Bernie is a profoundly spiritual person, a living exemplar of a robust moral life and devotion to living the good in the world. His heart, his care, his devotion to truth, and how his imperfect humanity rips through his words and actions, these make him a voice not just of hope and idealistic change, but a deeply motivating and highly practical force in the world, committed to transformation, social justice and showing, not telling, leadership and goodness in action.

Nomination or not - this, my friends, with Bernie as a core leader, has only just begun. So, let's make the next 5-10 years more than worth remembering and celebrating for posterity.

Let's make them count. Because a "political revolution is coming," whether we like it or not.

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