Best Celebrity Alter Egos: Celebs With Famous Alter Egos (PHOTOS)

At the MTV Video Music Awards (Aug. 28), Lady Gaga transformed into her badass greaser alter ego, Joe Calderone. She totally committed to her show-opening act, talking in a tough voice and delivering a pretty convincing monologue before launching into song. Gaga committed to her alter ego all night--even accepting her VMA as Joe Calderone.

But Gaga's not the only one with a famous alter ego. Backstage at the VMAs, rapper Nicki Minaj promised fans that they can expect a lot of her alter ego Roman on her new album. Katy Perry debuted her alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry, in her music video for her hit single, "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)". And even Justin Bieber can transform into MC Shawty Mane to express his swag.

And can anyone really forget country crooner Garth Brooks' failed alter ego rock persona, Chris Gaines?

Some do it better than others, but that doesn't stop celebs from embracing their alter egos. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Celebrity Alter Egos