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Bill O'Reilly & Lane Bryant Ad: Everyone's 'Trying To Cover Their Butt On This One' (VIDEO)

Billy O'Reilly and his "culture warriors" Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover weighed in on this week's Lane Bryant brouhaha . In summary, Lane Bryant says FOX and ABC refusing to air their plus-size lingerie ad in the same time slot they were airing Victoria's Secret ads, and model and star Ashley Graham says they are prejudiced. ABC says it agreed to air the ads during daytime dramas and after 9pm, and FOX said the Lane Bryant ad (and the Victoria's Secret ad) was too salacious for "family hour," a.k.a 8:00-9:00 pm.

O'Reilly then went on to air both the Lane Bryant and Victoria's Secret ads on FOX at 8:30 pm, technically the "family hour." (He did, however, offer a viewer warning first.) After watching the ad, O'Reilly remarks "Everyone's running around trying to cover their butt on this one now--pardon the pun."

Carlson offered, "Here's the thing--with plus-size models, you're going to get more cleavage. They're plus-size!...It's going to appear to be a little bit more over the line because you're getting more."

O'Reilly refused to form an opinion on the issue, stating "I don't care."