With 'Circles,' Singer Brian Justin Crum Reminds Us That Love Is A Battlefield

The "America's Got Talent" alum canoodles with a handsome beau before the two part ways with a passionate dance in his new video.

America’s Got Talent” alum Brian Justin Crum traces the highs and lows of a tumultuous romance with a poignant ― and danceable ― new song, “Circles.” 

Crum, who is based in Los Angeles, came in fourth on the 11th season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2016, and has been building a career as a singer-songwriter since then. Interest in his work surged in January, when he appeared on “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” joining other winners and notable participants from the franchise. 

Though Crum finished in sixth place on that “America’s Got Talent” reunion spin-off, he nonetheless found a silver lining by releasing “Circles” as a single one day after the final episode aired in February.

Directed by Riley Robbins, Crum’s video for “Circles” dropped March 1 and can be viewed above. The clip shows the singer-songwriter canoodling and engaging in a steamy pas de deux with a handsome beau (played by dancer Vincent Michael) before the two men part ways in a rainstorm. 

Art imitates life for Crum, who got his start in musical theater and drew on his personal experience in a troubled relationship when it came to shooting the new video. 

“I realized that we had been stuck in the same patterns and were never able to truly forgive each other and move forward,” the San Diego native, who is gay, wrote in an email to HuffPost. “Our relationship became a cycle of toxicity and hurt; it was almost an addiction.” 

“I learned so much from that circle and I’m better because of it,” he added. 

The singer’s fans seem to be enjoying “Circles,” streaming the video more than 110,000 times as of Friday morning.  

Crum says he’s got additional surprises up his sleeve, with more new music on the way later this spring. 

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