Carlina White's Reunion With Joy White Is Short Lived

A Sour Twist In Story Of Reunited Family

What was once a heart warming story has now gone cold.

After being reunited with her family for the first time in 23 years, Carlina White has returned to her home in Georgia after a fight over money, her mom said.

Carlina White was kidnapped from the hospital when she was a newborn and her return to her Bronx-based family made headlines.

But now, the Post reports, Carlina and her mom are feuding over the $750,000 the city awarded Joy White and her then-husband Carl Tyson after they sued the hospital for negligence.

Joy White said she and Tyson spent the money raising their families.

"It's like we're two strangers, we don't know each other," Joy White told the "Today Show." "She asked a lot of questions about the money, but it's gone. We don't have the money."

From the Post:

The couple had set aside about $160,000 in a trust fund until Carlina's 21st birthday. When she remained missing, they spent the cash on themselves.

Carlina flew back to her home in Georgina days after the money spat and has not returned to her birth mother in New York since.

Carlina White was raised in Connecticut and Georgia by Ann Pettway.

Pettway was arrested for kidnapping and remains in custody.

Joy White still feels remains hopeful that she and her daughter can patch things up and come together once again.

"I'm her mother, and it hurts not to have a relationship," she said. "I want her here, I want my daughter back."

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