CES 2010: 'Droid-Based Kindle Killer Debuts!

If you got an Amazon Kindle, Sony E-Reader or Barnes and Noble Nook this holiday season, don't read this story -- you'll just be depressed.

That's because we're going to see a cavalcade of new and innovative ebooks that will leave those three single-function devices in the dust.

The first, the elegantly designed, but tragically inner-capped enTourage eDGe moves eBooks from the passive, single-function reader into the always-on internet world.

Featuring a unique two screen design, and running on Google's Android operating system, the eDGe has a traditional ebook screen on the left - but a full color screen on the right.

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The eBook side uses the digital paper technology found in the other products on the market, but it's much bigger, at 1200x825 pixels, or about 10 inches diagonally. It also uses eInk, which lets you mark-up, take notes, and annotate books using the included stylus.

The screen on the right, though, is where the true innovation happens. This 1024x600 color 10: screen offers full net book functionality, and lets you watch movies, play music, surf the web, and stay in touch with friends through Facebook and Twitter. The device currently connects to the internet via wifi, but will include 3G support in the future.

The two sides of the device work together; you can select a URL on the right, and have it pop up on the left-hand screen. You can easily surf the web to find more information about anything you're reading, or even watch a video, based on an ebook's contents. It also includes a removable battery. It will cost $500 when it is available later this spring.