People Share Frightening Images In The Aftermath Of Trump's Victory

A black woman was told to sit in the back of a bus. Kindergarteners said their Hispanic classmates had to go back to Mexico.

Well, America, here we are: Donald Trump is going to be our next president.

The overall reaction to the news has been polarizing. Specifically, Trump’s win has been particularly upsetting for women and people of color.

On social media, people have highlighted episodes of hate speech or hate crimes that have cropped up in the hours since the election, describing what it’s like on “Day 1 in Trump’s America.”

Here’s what’s happening:

If you’re looking to get involved, feel overwhelmed or need to talk to someone, we’ve gathered together a list of resources and organizations here.

Stay safe out there.

This article has been updated to remove two embeds referencing alleged incidents: one in Delaware, which police say has not been reported; and another in Louisiana, which police say was fabricated by the purported victim.

Have you been a victim of an act of harassment or discrimination? If so, we encourage you to report the incident to local authorities, and to send us an email about it

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