Female Masturbation: 11 Ways To Turn Yourself On

11 Ways To Turn Yourself On

Sex is less taboo today than it has been at any other point in modern history: you can buy sex toys at your local drugstore, and 50 Shades of Grey took erotic fiction out of the back of bookstores and into a theatre near you very soon.

But despite this, masturbation is a topic many people don't like to talk about — even though most of us do it. Masturbation helps to promote healthy blood flow to the genitals, keeps you connected to your own sexuality, and helps you learn how you like to be touched, according to Dr. Laura Berman. These are just some of the benefits of regular sexual self-care.

Mastering masturbation isn't about fancy techniques or toys either. "I think so much of masturbation is mental — getting yourself in the right mood, staying relaxed and unhurried, and staying present enough to actually enjoy what's happening," says psychotherapist and sex therapist Vanessa Marin.

Whether you aren't really sure where to get started, or just want to improve your self-loving game, here are 11 tips for satisfying sexual self-care:

Hey, Everyone Is Doing It!

11 Tips For Masturbation

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