The One Thing Hillary Clinton Can't Live Without? Sleep.

"Don't get enough of it, always want more of it."

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton always wants to get more sleep.

Sleep is the one thing she can't live without, the Democratic presidential candidate told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell on Friday.

"Don't get enough of it, always want more of it," said Clinton, who was the most well-traveled secretary of state in U.S. history.

Newly released emails from Clinton's tenure as secretary of state show that Clinton has long been conscious of getting more rest. In August 2010, for example, Clinton emailed her longtime friend Betsy Ebeling saying that she wanted to get more sleep.

"We're trying to get away for a week on Friday. I'd really like to go to one of those Swiss sleep sanitariums if they still exist," she wrote.

Earlier that year, Clinton also asked a staffer to print out two articles on the effects of sleep on women's health.

In 2012, Clinton's health problems made headlines when she fainted and suffered a concussion after becoming dehydrated while she had a stomach virus. Doctors found a blood clot in her neck while treating her after the fall.
Clinton isn't the only high-ranking official yearning for more rest. President Barack Obama told The Huffington Post earlier this year that he probably didn't get enough sleep each night and that he was hoping for a "post-administration glow."

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