Joseph Gordon-Levitt Films 'The Dark Knight Rises' In NYC (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Handsome Cop In NYC

"The Dark Knight Rises" continued its world production tour by opening up shop in New York City on Friday, offering Joseph Gordon-Levitt the opportunity to give his best impression of the boys in blue.

Gordon-Levitt plays young cop John Blake in the upcoming Batman epic, and Friday's shoot called for him to take to the streets in his nicely pressed uniform alongside Christian Bale's well-disguised Bruce Wayne. Rumors have swirled as to what, exactly, the Christopher Nolan-helmed project would be doing in New York City; filming took place in midtown on Friday, while downtown shoots have been reportedly scheduled. Some speculated that the film would involve the Occupy Wall Street protestors, but that, for now, seems like just a rumor.

New York City shoots are nothing new to Gordon-Levitt, as he stars in next summer's bike messenger action film, "Premium Rush."

Check out the photos of JGL and Christian Bale below, and click here for many more shots and here for various "Dark Knight Rises" shoots throughout the world.

Joseph Gordon Levitt & Christian Bale On Set Of

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