Justin Bieber Is 'Not A Secret Lizard Person,' Says Manager Scooter Braun

At a charity event, the "Baby" singer's manager put a longtime conspiracy theory to rest. Or did he?
Justin Bieber, not a lizard person. Or is he? No, he is not.
Justin Bieber, not a lizard person. Or is he? No, he is not.
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There’s no point in asking, “What do you mean?” Scooter Braun was pretty clear.

Justin Bieber is “not a secret lizard person.”

At a 10th anniversary party and fundraiser for the charity Pencils of Promise, Bieber’s manager spoke a lot about the importance of the education-minded organization, founded by his brother Adam Braun, which builds schools in developing countries all over the world.

But, equally as important, he cleared up a rumor that’s been circling the internet for years.

Is Justin Bieber secretly a lizard person?

Braun confirmed to HuffPost that, yes, he’s heard the theory that the “Baby” singer is a reptilian shape-shifter. And then he set the record straight.

“Yeah... I hate to break it to people. He is not a secret lizard person,” Braun said. “He’s a different kind of animal. You guys figure it out.”


The conspiracy theory that the Biebs has secret reptilian roots started catching on after Fox News aired a video following the singer’s 2014 arrest in which some viewers believe Bieber blinked with reptilian eyelids:

The rumor again gained traction in 2017 when Australian news site Perth Now reportedly published and quickly removed a story titled “Hundreds Of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into Giant Reptile.” Among the obviously shocking details, fans were said to have witnessed the Biebs turning into a huge reptile with “gross, coloured scales,” according to a BuzzFeed story.

Perth Now denied to BuzzFeed that it ever actually published the story, but that did little to quell the tweets and coverage about Bieber’s supposedly “dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline.”

So when it comes to Bieber being an undercover lizard, should we really never say never?

“He is not a secret lizard person.”

- Scooter Braun

Bieber didn’t attend the Pencils of Promise event, so we couldn’t ask him face to face. Instead, he sent a video message (he apparently has a lot going on in his personal life), assuring fans everything is “all good.”

To be fair, this sounds decidedly like something an Illuminati lizard person would say.

Yet during an address at the party, Braun spoke about how Bieber has donated a dollar per ticket from some of his tours to the charity, and Biebs himself claimed he was looking forward to continuing work with Pencils of Promise in his video.

Lizard people would probably bite off their forked tongues before admitting something like that.

Braun might have cleared up the whole lizard issue, but then again, he introduced an entirely new mystery. The Illuminati-fueled rumor mill lives another day.

“He’s a different kind of animal. You guys figure it out.”

Justin Bieber: platypus. Do you belieb?

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