African Lions Baruti And Aslan Leaving National Zoo (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- Two of the National Zoo's cutest and most dangerous residents are gearing up for their trip to the Great White North. African lions Baruti and Aslan are headed to the Calgary Zoo as early as this month.

In the last two-odd years, the zoo has witnessed seven African lions go from cub to adult. Two of these males will soon be traveling to start their own families. Currently living with their father, Luke, and half-brother, John, the lions Baruti and Aslan will remain on exhibit for only a short while longer. The females of the pride will remain.

Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s African Lions Aslan And Baruti

The nearly two-year-old brothers may be gone as early as the end of July. Due to international travel permits, booking of climate controlled transportation and successful detachment from their half-brother, it's impossible to predict an exact date of departure.

Rather than wait another month, the National Zoo is encouraging interested lion lovers to come and see the soon-to-be dads while they're still locals.