Prince Harry Once Gave The Queen A Racy Shower Cap For Christmas, Apparently

Prince Harry Once Gave The Queen A Racy Gift For Christmas, Apparently

Prince Harry, you cheeky devil, you.

We always knew the prince was a jokester, but apparently his sense of humor knows no bounds. The 29-year-old reportedly once gave his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, a pretty racy Christmas present: a shower cap with the words "Ain't life a bitch" emblazoned on it.

Yes, really. According to Express, Harry was following family tradition, with adults exchanging "cheap joke gifts" with one another. (Evidently, the children get bikes, hunting rifles and ponies, in case you were wondering.) Per tradition, presents are opened on Christmas Eve, when the family is gathered at Sandringham.

Upon opening Harry's gift, we can only imagine the queen's expression, which we're guessing looked something like this:

What a charmer...

May 2003

Spend Some Quality Time With Prince Harry...

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