Sanders, Trump, and the Lack of Real News About Either of Them

Months ago, the American Public received news that Sanders couldn’t possibly win the election, and that Trump was a misogynistic jerk who would soon be seen as a has-been - a flash in the pan.  I assert that the term ‘news’ in the previous sentence is misapplied.  There seems to be an operational assumption in today’s news organizations: Since the American Public is incapable of independent thought, it is the responsibility of various news media to tell them what to think

Accordingly, intrepid reporters set out to ‘report’ ‘news’ about Sanders and Trump, knowing that they can lead the American Public to the correct way of thinking.  It interests me that this kind of reporting continues unabated. 

Although polls predicted Clinton to win Indiana’s vote by over five percentage points, Sanders won by over five points instead.  This reversal is currently being reported with euphemisms like “Sanders Wins Indiana (squeaks out victory.)”   Sanders’ steady rise in the polls and his steadily-increasing vote counts are being ignored by the press.

Is it not considered news that Sanders started out with single-digit poll ratings and now commands nearly half of our Country’s votes in those same polls?  Several news outlets did not bother to mention the Indiana vote at all today – instead, they simply reported that Clinton and Sanders would split delegates nearly evenly.  The vote doesn’t seem to matter enough to be reported. 

Clinton must be the best candidate.  This must be why the press seems uninterested in reporting on the fact that Sanders has created a juggernaut of increasing support over these last months.  Independent thinkers can look at Sanders’ progress and note that he has gained significant ground.  Still, the press seems convinced that it is tasked with the responsibility of telling America what to think, so Sanders’ progress isn’t news.  Clinton will win.  She has many delegates.  Bernie Sanders doesn’t matter; it is not necessary to report on him. 

And then, of course, this opinion cannot be called complete without a look at … wait for it … The Donald.  El-Trumpo.  The small-handed, red-faced, idiotic, woman-insulting, riot-causing, press-disrespecting reprobate billionaire jerk with a bad hair comb-over whose policy ideas are utterly preposterous … uh, presidential candidate. 

And where do we get these characterizations of the man?  From the press, of course – from those who report the ‘news.’  When Trump was being portrayed as a flash-in-the-pan candidate, the press asserted its right to ‘report’ what he did and what he said, knowing that his candidacy would self-destruct as soon as people heard (from the press) what the man stood for. 

Trump delivered the self-destruct opportunity immediately by insulting a news reporter, and the press jumped all over him.  How dare he?  This is not a candidate, this is a complete jerk!  He insulted a reporter!  This will be reported!  … about the reporter!  Trump will be forced to take back what he said!  He said it about a reporter!  He can’t do that!  After all, we the press tell America what to think!

Trump didn’t take it back.  He didn’t apologize.  To this day, our press, not unlike a deer caught in headlights, stands rooted in place, staring at the impossibility of confronting someone who refuses to bend to the will of the American Public … as said will is defined by the press.   

To the American Press, I say this:  You are convinced that if you stand very still and change absolutely nothing, those two bright lights will pass on either side of you.  The bright light on the left cannot be connected in any way to the bright light on the right, can it?  How could there be a possible connection between failing to report on Bernie Sanders’ progress against Clinton and reporting on Trump as a complete jerk instead of reporting on him as a candidate?  The two lights must be separate, and if you stand very still in the middle of the road you’ve chosen to be on, nothing can hurt you.  After all, you’re the press.

I’ll hold out a little hope here in closing.  In order to get back to reporting real news, the American Press might want to consider a couple of realities:

  • First, a concept worth considering is that many Americans are capable of independent thought.
  • Second, there are things called pickup trucks that roam country roads at night, and those two bright things on the front of them are connected by solid steel.

You might want to move, American Press.   Just sayin.’

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