Shay Mitchell Had A Bonkers Baby Reveal Party That Involved Power Rangers

The “You” actress divulged the extremely weird way she learned her baby’s gender in a teaser for her new YouTube show, “Almost Ready.”

It’s a … WTF?

A teaser for actress Shay Mitchell’s new YouTube show “Almost Ready” published on Thursday revealed that the pregnant “Pretty Little Liars” star learned of her baby’s sex in quite a weird way — one that involved Power Rangers.

In the very odd clip, the 32-year-old actress, her dog and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, sit alone in a garden and watch a blue and a pink Power Ranger duke it out. The assumption is that the color of the winning Power Ranger (blue for a boy, pink for a girl) will reveal the baby’s sex.

But the fight (presumably set up by Mitchell’s assistant, who knew the baby’s sex beforehand) is so amusingly long and awkward that it’s funny.

Finally — after both Power Rangers jump into a fountain/mini pool (we’re not quite sure what this body of water is, tbh) for reasons that make no sense and have to remove their masks because they can’t breathe — the sex of Mitchell and Babel’s baby is revealed when a soaked pink Power Ranger attempts to sit on their laps.

So, it's ... a girl?
So, it's ... a girl?
Shay Mitchell's YouTube channel

Although Mitchell’s gender-reveal party is so strange it’s entertaining, it also feels like a missed opportunity.

If Michell’s friends wanted a fight scene for the party, why didn’t they reenact her scene in “Her” when Mitchell’s character Peach Salinger and Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) struggle for control over a gun?

Peach is female and Joe is male, so the gender surprise would have worked — plus, it’s a nod to one of Mitchell’s most memorable acting roles.

But, then again, maybe that would’ve made too much sense.

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