'Southland' Finale: Explosive Cliffhanger Finale Leaves One Officer's Life In Jeopardy (VIDEO)

'Southland' Finale: Explosive Cliffhanger Leaves One Life In Jeopardy

Things certainly ended on a dark note for many of the characters on the "Southland" season finale, but the final moments left fans' jaws on the ground in a cliffhanger that may never be resolved. Ben's path down the dark side finally caught up to him when Sammy put the pieces together. The two wound up on the ground beating the crap out of each other before Sammy stormed off. What will he do about his partner?

But that beating was nothing to the one John gave at the end of the episode. He battled his anger and rage all hour, but those final mometns may well have been his rock bottom as far as loss of control goes. A neighbor's generator was keeping him up at night, so he went and turned it off. When the neighbor told him their utilities had been turned off so they needed it for essentials, he didn't care. When another guy showed up with a gun, and then the first guy called John a "pig," he started seeing red.

He knocked the gun out of the guy's hand and then just started pounding the first guy into the ground. He didn't even stop when the police showed up. He may well have killed the guy. When he did get up, he did so quickly and still holding the gun, and the officers opened fire. They didn't know who he was or what he was capable of at that moment.

But that's how the season ended. E! Online couldn't believe it. Will there be a sixth season? Several of the stars have signed on for other pilots -- though they'd come back to "Southland" if it gets picked up for another season.

If it does come back, Michael Cudlitz -- who plays John Cooper -- seemed pretty confident of his character's return when he talked to Entertainment Weekly. "Do you think Southland can continue without John Cooper?" he asked.

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