Trump Bewilders America With Hint of Rationality

Ending a dumbfounding week that included a botched and chaotic ban on immigrants from seven countries, rattling sabers while putting Iran on notice, antagonizing Australia, one of our closest allies, firing the acting attorney general, and placing Steve Bannon on the National Security Council, yesterday President Donald J Trump alarmed everyone with decisions that appeared to be influenced by rational thought. This about-face angered many of his core supporters.

“In warning Israel to restrict construction of new settlement construction and demanding that Russia withdraw from Crimea, Trump has been seduced by the twin evils of liberalism, reason and thought.” Rush Limbaugh said. “That is not what America voted for last November.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer quickly denied that Trump had ever embraced rationality. “Even though all his decisions are ill-informed, arbitrary and random, a few will appear to be reasonable,” he said. “It’s the law of averages. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.”

Other attributed a more devious motive. “Trump can keep opponents off balance by occasionally acting rationally,” said Dr. Albert Miller, a games theorist at Stanford and a Noble Prize winner. “It lengthens the response time because both political foes and the media must then ask, ‘Is this one of those rare times when Trump may have a reasonable basis for his action?’ While they are questioning, Trump can launch a series of senseless, specious and spurious initiatives.”

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