Yes, ‘Will & Grace’ Went After Trump In Its First Episode In 11 Years


“Will & Grace” didn’t pull any punches in its revival’s first episode, and social media was in stitches. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the iconic television show took a massive stab at President Donald Trump and America’s tense political climate on the first rebooted episode, considering how the show earned its return. The “Will & Grace” cast came back together last year for an ad encouraging citizens to vote and drew such rave reviews that NBC signed on to bring the sitcom back. 

Will, Grace, Jack and Karen hit audiences instantly with the chemistry that made them a comedy sensation. The gang went to the White House in the first episode, setting up nonstop political quips for 30 minutes. 

From Kellyanne on the couch to Cheetos color swatches, nothing was off limits in the first episode in 11 years.

And, while you might think people would be sick of hearing about Trump, Twitter users couldn’t get enough of the shade.