Teenagers have been snorting condoms through their noses and out their mouths as part of a social media “condom challenge.” But condom challenges aren’t a new trend.
The companies are having disagreements over what to stock on store shelves.
"Who's the most innocent guy in the whole wide world?" he asks "Fox & Friends."
The Coca-Cola polar bear, M&Ms meeting Santa, and other classic holiday commercials have been around much longer than you think.
Just after Thanksgiving, I read The Myth of the Male Bumbler, by Lilil Loofbourow. It's a timely piece for many reasons. First
A new ad for Coca-cola in Saudi Arabia is drawing comparisons to Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad.
The ad features a Saudi dad teaching his daughter how to drive, weeks after the country announced a lifting of the ban on female drivers.
You may be able to taste a difference, but do you know what's actually in it?
They pour it happily, but it requires extra effort.
Don't believe all you've heard about Coke's "new" drink.