Crohn's Disease

Test subjects had to guzzle their own blood in the name of bloody research.
"Y'all do kno this man has an auto immune disorder ... right?" she tweeted.
Living with out-of-remission Crohn’s Disease is like constantly having the stomach flu.
Under normal circumstances, our immune system does its job of protecting the body from infection. However, in people who
Out of respect for disabled and chronically ill people everywhere, please stop.
Eating a diverse, plant-rich diet helps fuel the growth of beneficial bacteria. Microbes ― bacteria and other tiny critters
Here’s the thing about Vicodin: I felt stoned and then, after a few doses, I didn’t.
Don’t allow me to rain on your parade. If you’re going out tonight then by all means, have fun! In fact, I envy you. I’ll
We all want our gut to feel good. No one wants a gut that is in constant turmoil possibly leading to serious conditions of
Thirty-five years and one week ago today I had my entire colon (large intestine) removed (known as a “colectomy”). I was