Drivers are growing tomatoes, cucumbers and string beans in the rooftop plots.
North Korea said Monday it tested a newly developed cruise missile twice over the weekend.
Talks with the U.S. have stalled since the collapse of a summit between then-President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in 2019.
“He does look good!” Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy praised Kim Jong Un’s slimmer figure at a recent military parade.
"He does look good!" gushed Rachel Campos-Duffy. "He looks better than our president!"
North Korea said it decided against sending athletes to the Summer Games because of coronavirus concerns.
The actor made the eyebrow-raising revelation in an interview about his upcoming film "Hustle."
Analysts could not say with much confidence how, exactly, the pandemic started.
Multiple people reported serious injuries after riding Do-Dodonpa at Fuji-Q Highland Park in Japan.
"There is truly no need for something like this to be published in 2021 (or ever)," the "Top Chef" host said of the Washington Post piece.