The prominent democracy activist is the highest profile figure to be arrested so far under China's new security law.
This the second fire incident at a COVID-19 facility in India this month.
Trump insists he's the last person Russia would want to see in the White House.
The footage and messages offer a terrifying glimpse into the allegedly unsanitary and inhumane conditions inside China’s so-called “re-education centers.”
President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban U.S. transactions with TikTok owner ByteDance unless a deal is made with an American company.
More than 62,500 cases were reported in the past 24 hours.
The president referred to the Asian country as "Thighland" before correcting himself.
Israa Seblani said the shockwave from the blast nearly blew her off her feet.
ByteDance agreed to divest from U.S. operations of the app after President Trump said he planned to ban it entirely, according to sources.
"Sarah Cooper is being mean to me! I don’t like it when girls are mean to me!" mocked one Twitter wag.