With 76,195 new COVID cases on Thursday, the U.S. approached its one-day record high of 77,299 cases set on July 16.
"Why don’t you release your tax returns and stop talking about corruption?” the Democratic contender said in the presidential debate.
The "Late Night" host riffed on a new report of the president's business interests in the country as the GOP attacked Joe Biden's family on China dealings.
The report would seem to undercut the GOP’s efforts to smear Hunter Biden for his links to business deals in China.
Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha's government has outlawed news said to affect national security amid mass protests.
As a region, Europe is reporting more daily cases than India, Brazil and the United States combined.
The general election win ushers in New Zealand’s first purely left-leaning government in decades.
Protests in Thailand, a moonrise in New York City and a Supreme Court nominee round out this week's best images.
The decision is expected to rankle neighboring countries like South Korea and further devastate the fishing industry in Fukushima.
Geopolitics may have played a role in not using the 250,000 test kits as the Trump administration is locked in a trade war with China.