The country has reported 4.7 million cases of "fever" since its outbreak began in early May.
Activists and survivors of the martial law era under his father protested Marcos Jr.’s inauguration.
Brendan Carr tweeted that the app “harvests swaths” of data that’s accessible to China.
The ruling underscores how divisive the issue remains in Japan, the only member of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations that does not recognize same-sex unions.
In this exclusive look behind the scenes, director Gareth Edwards talks about drawing from real life disasters to make Godzilla realistic.
The country revealed it was dealing with "an acute enteric epidemic," however, details remain unclear on its severity.
The leader defended weapons development as an exercise of sovereign rights to self-defense.
Many cities including Beijing are requiring a negative test result within the last three days to enter a public place or take the bus or subway.
Rewards could include 100,000 yuan (approximately $15,000) or more.
They are being investigated for abuse of power and have been expelled from the ruling Communist Party.