Hospitals in India are struggling to secure a steady supply of oxygen as coronavirus cases and deaths in the country surge.
But pricing differences could make it difficult for many to get the jab.
The country continues to grapple with the worst outbreak yet.
India's "extraordinarily high" caseloads are at the root of the decision.
The travel restrictions are set to begin on May 4 to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
A supermoon, a gymnastics competition in Europe and the presidential address round out this week's best images.
Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se were ordered off the Indonesian resort island after duping supermarket guards with a painted surgical mask.
More than 8 million people are expected to vote in the West Bengal state elections, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi's party has held huge rallies.
The country also reported 362,757 new infections, a new global record, which raised the overall total past 17.9 million.
Raw materials for vaccine production, oxygen equipment, antivirals and protective gear are on their way, officials said.