Identity Theft

The 86-year-old was convicted of identity theft and Social Security fraud and faces up to 20 years in prison.
Sam Miele impersonated a high-ranking congressional aide, prosecutors say.
The breadth of information that criminals can gather from your real estate listing is staggering.
Danielle Miller, a self-professed con artist who once boasted the friendship of Anna Delvey, reportedly struck a plea deal that could slash her time behind bars.
As habitual internet over-sharers, are we as much to blame for the never-ending rise of identity theft as those who are taking advantage of us?
If your identity is stolen, the police aren't well equipped to investigate it.
147 million people whose data was breached are eligible for five potential benefits, including money.
In this secret corner of the internet, credit card numbers are sold for $100 apiece.