affordable housing

Critics believe that the governor could have negotiated more effectively with her fellow Democrats.
YIMBYs and leftists have conflicting visions for addressing affordable housing. But a growing number of them are finding common ground.
Dave Chappelle threatened to pull plans for businesses in Yellow Springs, Ohio, if the city council passed a proposal for more affordable housing.
"I met people across the country, from Appalachia to Oakland, who worked multiple jobs, had multiple roommates, and still could not reliably pay all of their bills each month."
"I want my largest asset to serve a wider purpose beyond familial enrichment."
The law is challenging traditional security deposits as a wave of evictions related to the coronavirus pandemic looms.
Safe and affordable housing is increasingly out of reach for low-income renters, according to a new report.
The mayor of Portugal's capital city plans to pay apartment owners to rent to local residents at affordable prices.
Housing experts fear an increase in homelessness when the bans on evictions during the coronavirus shutdowns expire.
Over a quarter of the nation’s homeless population resides in California, according to a federal report.