affordable housing

The mayor of Portugal's capital city plans to pay apartment owners to rent to local residents at affordable prices.
Housing experts fear an increase in homelessness when the bans on evictions during the coronavirus shutdowns expire.
Over a quarter of the nation’s homeless population resides in California, according to a federal report.
Gov. Gavin Newsom told Housing Secretary Ben Carson that more affordable housing is essential to solving homelessness.
People without permanent housing are subject to an increasing number of laws that are nearly impossible for them to obey.
The bill, part of a wave of progressive legislation, would undo Clinton-era restrictions on public housing in a bid to tackle the climate and housing crises at once.
The company's promise also includes $300 million to make Apple-owned land in San Jose available for affordable housing.
The location, in the shadow of New York's dirtiest power plant, is a deliberate choice by the senator and his campaign.
In the midst of an affordable housing crunch, people are trading privacy for a place to live.