Climate change is making cities unlivable for millions. Surviving rising temperatures means tackling inequality and rethinking who cities are really for.
Shortly after the U.S. president congratulated Prime Minister Modi for leading a "peaceful" country, rioters created an atmosphere of terror in Delhi.
Clean air. I've written a little bit about this already, but the pollution in Ahmedabad is no joke! For days after returning
From a destination-quality point of view, Gujarat strikes me as pure India, still unadulterated by international tourism. The people are friendly, the streets filthy, the culture deep and complex, the traffic crazy, the dances fun, prices affordable, and the weather hot.
"The spiking temperatures underscore the need for local heat adaptation plans and early warning systems to reduce the health
We were all packed and ready to go when our new driver, Mr. Singh, and his spiffy van pulled up in front of the hotel. As we left Ahmedabad, I took note of the street scenes out the window, and I especially loved this large mosaic mural featuring images of Gandhi.
Today's adventure was the city of Ahmedabad, and our first stop was an impressive Jain Temple located in the central city. To enter the temple you must take off your shoes and I wasn't wearing socks, so I chose to stay outside. . I enjoyed documenting the contrast between the ancient hand-carved stonework and the new bamboo scaffolding.
The end of the year seems a fitting time to close the 2014 chapter on Route 66 and open the door to new adventures. Months before I committed to the road trip with the Ride for the Relay, I was planning an equally exciting adventure with a group of women to visit India.
If you find yourself in the northwest of India in January, do yourself a favor and wander toward Ahmedabad in Gujarat; you'll know you're getting close when you start to see a flurry of kites filling the sky.
Access to clean, potable water is a central issue for slum dwellers around the world and is often a time-consuming endeavor that involves walking great distances. Water is often expensive, demanding a large portion of families' budgets.