The rapper, who has since been freed, shared multiple videos as she was held in Europe amid her world tour.
“Because of the picture I’ve just painted, I’m sure you have questions. But let’s just let sleeping logs lie for now,” the singer said.
One of Anne Frank’s close friends is opening up about her final encounter with the young Jewish icon and the history of her diary.
David O. Russell’s star-studded 1930s mystery flopped, allowing the horror thriller “Smile” to repeat atop the box office.
"I found that I couldn’t act," Bale told IndieWire, so he had to "isolate" himself from Rock.
At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, Charlize Theron, Sir Elton John and the Duke of Sussex spoke out against the prejudice and stigma that hinder efforts to end HIV and AIDS.
Some fans were already in the stadium when it was announced that the show had been scrapped.
Following the accusations that stemmed from the set of "The Voice of Holland," the show was removed from airwaves.
Evidence suggests a prominent Jewish notary may have disclosed the secret hiding place of the Frank family to German occupiers to save his own family from Nazi concentration camps.
Two people have been arrested after De Vries was shot in the head last week while leaving a TV studio.