bad relationship

Sorry folks, not everyone is "meant to be."
Has your relationship reached its expiration date?
Has your relationship reached its expiration date?
Strengthening the shared commitment and practicing mutual generosity, compassion, honesty, kindness, and respect are all ways of maximizing the likelihood of not only staying together, but of experiencing greater fulfillment over time.
Take back your power by opening your eyes to who is really in front of you. Decide if YOU want to be with that person. And then give yourself a voice.
1. Give yourself some love. You need it. "Treat yourself with love and have patience to ride it out until the next opportunity
Next time someone tells you they need a little "space" -- which we all know is code for "I want to break up but don't have
13. "I'll be watching TV in the living room and my wife finds me, sits next to me and decides to watch Instagram videos on
Reddit user OccupyFacebook It's Saturday night and you're sitting on the couch in your favorite grey sweatpants, the ones
When you find yourself in a bad relationship, how do you garner the strength to walk away? "I think self worth is the issue
So, it didn't work out — you guys broke up, and it sucks. It really sucks. But you know what makes it worse? Doing things
What do you think: would you be suspicious of a spouse who removed his or her wedding ring? Let us know in the comments! A
Here are eight signs that it's time to take a break from your current relationship. What about you? What are some signs that
10. "Hoovering." Although a psychopath will discard you, he doesn't quite want you moving on either. If he senses you are
The authors wrote, "During relationship initiation and maintenance, those who fear being single may prioritize relationship
Camilleri felt that many of the cheating signs were tell-tale indicators of a bad relationship. Last week, The Stir writer
While unhealthy intimate unions can wreak havoc on the psyche and may inform the way in which we treat others, it's usually an insular thing. Group dysfunction, however, is far-reaching and often much more dangerous.