being single

In a world dominated by swipe culture and dating horror stories, the quest for true love is alive and well on the Netflix show. But is it really that bad to be single?
"That I’m against love, when what I’m against is ending up with someone who doesn’t add to my joy."
“I’m happy for anyone whose dreams have come true. But I’m sad too. And mad.”
A recent op-ed urged Taylor Swift, 34 and dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, to get married. Here's what the conversation is missing.
Single people (and formerly single folks!) share their favorite traditions.
"For people like me who are single at heart, the risk is not what we'll miss if we do not organize our lives around a romantic partner, but what we'll miss if we do."
"Some may think this exercise silly or attention-seeking. I say to them: Live and let live. And if I am too much for you, go find less."
Plus, a few app and dating trends we want to keep!
Jade rollers, friendship rings and wine on delivery may help mend your friend's broken heart.
Some lifelong singles say they're on their own by choice, while others are actively looking for love.