being single

Throughout my 30s, being single made me depressed and angry.
These are the weird things women do when they're home alone, whether they're single or in a relationship.
Sometimes, getting out of a relationship is worth celebrating.
If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, these tweets will make you laugh *and* cry.
"One time this guy told me the story of how a ghost tried to kill him and began crying to me in a bar."
I was feeling desperate and when you’re feeling desperate, you do nonsensical and illogical things.
It's OK to be OK with not being in a relationship just because "everyone else" is.
"Day 329 without sex: I went to Starbucks just so I could hear somebody scream my name."
In my mid-30s after a divorce, I had to figure out what was next for me.
"Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you said what the hell are you still doing in my house."
“Am I bitter?” One of my friends recently asked me over Facebook chat during our work day. “Not just about children and weddings
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