Michel Wolfstirn is the founder of BiomimicryNorway, which aims to provide innovation inspired by nature both in the academic
How our idea and subsequent patent came to life When it comes to valuing Intellectual Property, not only does Oister walk
AskNature first organizes strategies into broad functions and then zooms down into the specific. For example, a user could
Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, said: Vincent Stanley, director of philosophy at Patagonia, said
Scientists are working to mimic the ways spiders spin silk and repel water, among other things.
In a world that is constantly confronted with catastrophic news, there comes an idea that lifts us up, an idea so powerfully inspirational that it shifts whole paradigms of thinking and approach. This idea has been around for over a decade in its current form, and, actually, has been around for billions of years. It is called "biomimicry," but that word is really another word for nature.
Natural Intelligence refers to principles of life and to our lifestyle choices that respect the natural limits and boundaries of earth's resources.
Celebrating its 10-year reunion on September 17th-20th at the Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California is Symbiosis Gathering. A fan favorite of many individuals in the festival community, Symbiosis returns after a one-year hiatus in 2014 to present their most epic gathering yet.
Big businesses and the private sector are undergoing a major overhaul as we all need to consider the impacts of our current rates of consumption, manufacturing processes, and sourcing of raw materials to sustain our future existence.