Chris Tucker

2017 needs to just end already.
The actor said that generally he's tired of being cast as "police from Hong Kong."
The story starts promisingly enough. Lynn and his Bravo Company are to be honored for their battlefield bravery, appearing
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Chris Tucker and Netflix are being sued over the actor’s standup comedy special three days before its release, Tucker’s attorney
“If I do a movie like ‘Friday’ again it has to evolve,” Tucker stated during a 2014 interview on Sirius radio’s "Sway In
We've all had this problem. "Gosh, ya know, I love the film 'Star Wars,' and I love the film 'Friday,' but how can I combine
Whether it was Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Hope & Crosby, Martin & Lewis -- or such modern attempts as Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte, or Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan -- the dynamic never varies between the cool guy and the eager wannabe who never will, but who'll win our hearts with his misguided, comically unsuccessful efforts.
Check out Abdul saying hello to Arsenio above and welcoming him back to late night, and a few more highlights from the show