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Hiding your flaws online can hurt both yourself and the people who see your posts.
While suicide at elite, highly competitive colleges is certainly a concern, this tragic scenario plays itself out in colleges of all kinds schools.
While I can accept that some of their critiques have solid foundations -- I love selfies and have now switched most of my newspaper and magazine subscriptions over to my iPad -- I won't stand by and watch an entire generation be labeled "whiny."
Three students who attended the meeting described the task force members as "receptive" to hearing their ideas. However, the
It is a cruel irony that some students may find that this time in their life when they have the most social interaction is also the time when they feel most isolated. The holiday season offers parents a unique opportunity to gauge their student's adjustment and provide support before they return for second semester.
The Coloradoan identified the students as Nikita Krasko, who died of hanging in his dorm room, Durward Hall, on Oct. 12. The
A life -- yours or someone else's -- is worth whatever it takes to protect it, including changing a culture that can lead to despair and working to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness of any type. Our community needs every single one of you.
Doctors are revisiting the case of Kayley Howson, a UK college student who committed suicide four years ago after learning
Goeser, a senior English major, was last seen by his roommates on July 22 in Westwood, the Los Angeles Times reported. When
Novelty is stressful. So a barrage of novelty is a barrage of stress. Nothing has prepared them for this, even if their high school had 'college preparatory' in its name.
What do you think? Why are so many kids prone to suicide in college? Should schools be able to screen for signs of suicidal
The Lexan glass barriers installed in the upper balconies of Bobst Library will be a permanent fix, NYU spokesman John Beckman
Last Tuesday, March 30, a Yale student committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building. Several weeks earlier