diversity & inclusion

The decision by the Florida Board of Education prohibits the state's 28 public colleges from using government funds for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
Chip Wilson, who is no longer at Lululemon, has made or been accused of making numerous controversial comments in the past.
College students and professors in Florida are suing over a new law that they say censors academic freedom.
DEI has become a core part of many colleges, but critics accuse the programs of fueling division.
Conservatives love to criticize “woke” workplaces. It turns out most employees don’t mind them.
Educators in New York are facing backlash after videos released by Project Veritas showed them discussing their approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Many underrepresented TV writers aren’t being empowered to run their own shows or advance to leadership roles, as an annual survey of TV writers finds.
The international restaurant chain’s diverse supplier spending has exceeded 10% every year for the past decade.
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"Conversations are great to build a foundation, but they get real thin, real fast if you don’t take action."
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Ariel Investments Co-CEO, CIO and Chairman, John Rogers, explains why the economic disparities have continued to grow in the U.S. and how to drive economic justice in the financial sector.
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