Duncan Hines

Professional bakers share which particular mixes they endorse, including Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines and more.
The CDC is investigating whether five salmonella cases are linked to the products.
If we continue to combine our efforts, we can eventually make childhood hunger yesterday's news. Think of that, next time you bite into a cupcake.
"TOP SECRET," warned the silver briefcase in fat, red typeface. It was a press kit more elaborate than most we get here at
Whether a mix or a homemade cake rates better on the tasty-scale, will probably be a debate that goes on, well, forever. But from a health standpoint, there's no debate. Homemade cakes are healthier, even if it is dessert.
WATCH: But what do you think? Does the ad cross a line? Tell us below. Duncan Hines is coming under fire for a cupcake ad