But the ride-hailing pioneer seems to be slowing the bleeding.
Americans are delaying retirement longer and longer as lifespans increase and the burden begins to rest primarily on individual savings. Here are seven tips for building sustainable wealth before retirement.
One advantage of a retirement plan over the IRAs is that you do not have to combine any multiple plans you may have. You
Can I Take Divorced Spousal Benefits And Still Work? My wife will be 62 soon (in July 2016). I am a year younger at 61. I
Germans - They are suing the ECB to put a stop to Draghi's monetary madness.   German Banks - Deutsche Bank is screwed.  They've
Keep that in mind if you are playing oil short here (/CL) at $47.40 (stop over $47.50 for a $100 per contract loss) - we're
And no, the 5% Rule™ is NOT TA, it's just math!  We use the charts to illustrate it but, for many years, I simply used to
$50.6Bn in revenues and $10.5Bn ($1.90/share) profits does not suck – especially since this is an average quarter so $9/share
Here we go again!   Like any insurance policy, hedges should be tailored to your needs but you won't know what you need unless
  Let it Go applies to your portfolio as well.  We let go of our underperformers last month to make room for more winners
The market is in no mood at all to see the economy stand on it's own two feet because we have perverted the concept of Capitalism
We are all living different lifestyles, some spending more than others, with a monthly budget that is made of several categories.
Sadly, the majority of Americans, rather than being outraged by the FBI's attemept to force Apple (AAPL) to hack phone accounts
Sell 10 FCX 2018 $5 puts for $2.16 ($2,160)  Buy 20 FCX Jan $5 calls for $3.15 ($6,300)  Sell 20 FCX Jan $10 calls for $1.25
And no, it doesn't matter who your broker is (most of us use TD's Think or Swim) but this commercial hits it right on the
I think oil is still up in hopes that the false rumor re. a production cut is going to be somehow supported over the weekend
As a proponent of both democracy and capitalism, I've always wondered why opponents have negatively critiqued capitalism. Until the Wall St. Crash of 2008, and its subsequent Great Recession, I took no notice. The basic argument against was greed. 2008 confirmed this.
BA was also a concern and AAPL and BA are costing the Dow about 95 points this morning and that's the only thing keeping
Well, it's been a rotten month. There's not too much market-moving data this week.  We have CPI and Housing Starts tomorrow
We have only 3.5 days left before the U.S. markets (and who cares about any others?) close at 1pm on Thursday for Christmas, though that doesn't stop us from cramming in a whole lot of Economic Data this week.