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Azlynn Cornish, a special education math teacher at South Bronx Preparatory school in New York City, uses the platform in
Given the accepted premise that learning computer logic such as looping can help develop critical thinking skills, whether applied to computers or not, getting kids immersed in coding early may be really wise. But does it work? Do kids get coding?
Maarit Rossi (@pathstomath) from Finland says her school has partnered with the YLE's (Finnish Broadcasting Company) News
I first entered that circle as the founder and CEO of The Princeton Review. After years of working directly with students
Mundel, S., April 22, 2014. Japanese vs American Music Education. Retrieved from https://prezi.com. In the technology world
When you give students the trust, support, and opportunity to own their learning, they rise to the challenge. In Washington
The ubiquity of knowledge due to digital devices has led many educational theorists and practitioners to wonder whether teachers are even necessary anymore. Can't everyone just look things up?
In this week's State of the Union address, President Obama challenged Congress and all of us to consider an important, fundamental question: How do we make technology work for us and not against us ?
Teachers work hard. Sure they get the summers off but they can put in 12 to 14 hour days during the school year. How can