English language

Language lovers from other parts of the world are big fans of these phrases and idioms.
These phrases and idioms just don't sit right with non-English speakers.
"I am 49 years old. Three years ago, I didn’t know who Frank Sinatra was. ... I did not recently come out of a cave. I am a Chinese immigrant who came to this country at age 32."
The wordsmiths at Lake Superior State University suggest “social distancing,” and “in these uncertain times” be eliminated from the English language.
Some seemingly innocuous terms in the English language have racist or otherwise problematic histories.
I had to take a hard look at how a child of mine could have uttered those words in the first place.
The reason doesn’t actually involve dogs and cats.
The "Late Show" host hits the president with a reminder of some of his most infamous spelling mistakes.
“Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make me better at Scrabble, but it does make me proud.”