y sister's video told the story of her meeting her now-husband, their dates and vacations and their wedding. It showed the announcement that she was pregnant with twins, belly bump pictures and her adorable newborns.
There I am laughing out loud holding a pen. Maybe it's the music. You made me the star of what might be the worst movie ever
Justin Bieber's Facebook Movie by WoodenNickelShorts With everyone on Facebook now sharing their personalized "Look Back
Summers returned to Harvard at the end of last year to teach. As for his dealings with the Winklevoss twins, he said: "I
Nominated for a Golden Globe is Jesse Eisenberg, who portrayed Zuckerberg in this year's hit movie, The Social Network. Aaron
According to sources -- sources who despise Mark Zuckerberg and sources who admire him -- the only reason The Accidental
"The Social Network" tells the story of how Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), now the youngest billionaire
It's hard to feel sorry for a billionaire. But here I am, feeling bad for Mark Zuckerberg. If you see the "The Social Network
Apparently, the review is in--only one review, so far--but it's a corker. Although "The Social Network," the Columbia Pictures
Two of the best Internet comedy trends collide in this parody of "The Social Network" trailer about Zach Galifianakis's extremely
According to ABC News, the company issued the following statement on the script: Rolling Stone said "The Social Network" (a.k.a
Columbia Pictures released a teaser for the upcoming film The Social Network, which dramatizes Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg's
ABC World News' Diane Sawyer interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company's Palo Alto headquarters Wednesday, the
By now we've all seen the over-dramatic trailer for "The Social Network," and accepted that a movie about Facebook actually
WATCH The Social Network trailer in full below: The Social Network was written by Aaron Sorkin and adapted from Ben Mezrich's
In a scene that follows, Mark returns to his Harvard dorm room with the emotional fuel he needs to complete coding for his
In Sorkin's May 2008 draft, our story starts with Zuckerberg, one hand on the computer the other on a shot glass, creating
Columbia Pictures and director David Fincher have set its core cast for "The Social Network," the Aaron Sorkin-scripted drama
Check out the slide show below for our favorite tech geeks and their celebrity doppelgangers. And don't forget to vote! So
Other than getting laid by an Asian chick in a bathroom stall at a "nice club in Cambridge.." -- Zuckerberg's life comes across as a rather joyless verging on meaningless grind.