"Til death do us part" had a different meaning for Amanda Sparrow Teague.
Wookey Caves resort director Daniel Medley suggested removing "till death do us part" from the vows.
The internet noticed Lively's resemblance to ghost lover Amethyst Realm -- and so did Reynolds.
Amethyst Realm of England says ghost lovers "tend to be more sensual and adept than the average bloke." Her mate "appeared" on an Australian hike.
The former first daughter said she was visited by “friendly ghosts.”
Creator Joss Whedon plans to feature a black actress in starring role.
A Properly Unhaunted Place by William Alexander "A fun and fast-paced supernatural mystery with secret depths for those who
Stardust Ranch's owner said he's tired of fighting off the ETs, which he's caught beaming up his wife.