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An expert explains the long list of reasons to keep your habit to a few cups per day.
Austin Prario, 19, might be the only person in history with this rare congenital heart condition to finish the Boston Marathon.
February is Heart health month, a perfect time to direct our attention and highlight the many benefits that come from eating
Thanks to this new direction in mindfulness research, we'll be better equipped to choose the practice that's right for us
At my Brooklyn gym's sauna, a big sign on the wall says, "Do not spend more than five minutes in the sauna!" Honestly, I
Of all the measurements associated with your health, resting heart rate doesn't get much attention. But research suggests that it should.
Okay, so maybe he didn't actually say that precisely, but I'm pretty sure that good boys and girls will score points with
Did you know that friendship is actually good for your health? Studies show that friendships can have an overwhelmingly positive
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For the past umpteen months, we have all been inundated with dramatic news of one of the most heated and unusual elections in our lifetime.
There are acquired and genetic causes of QT interval prolongation. Many commonly used medications e.g. antipsychotics, tricyclic
First, I began researching what it exactly meant to have high cholesterol, and how I got to this point. Denise has long been
Things you don’t hear anymore: “Let’s hail a cab.” “I’ll run down to the bookstore.” “Did Dad show you the prints from my
A few reasons to scan nutrition labels carefully.
"So you called 9-1-1, right?" my agent asked. My book? Hello, I'm a Marine. I formed my own publishing imprint, and called
Here's how you can incorporate more of these essential nutrients into your diet: