Hines Ward

"So Asians can't play football, huh? I'd say we're pretty darn good," Hines Ward told the NFL draft prospect.
"A former Georgia teammate of mine is one of the stars of the show, and my agent thought it would be something fun and different
Former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward announced the ending of a great career Tuesday, but not a Hall of Fame career. Three receivers in Ward's era have consistently put together seasons better than Ward's absolute best season.
Did you read ESPN.com's story about Hines Ward being cut by the Steelers, the only team he's known for 14 seasons? Read more
Hines Ward represents everything about the city of Pittsburgh we're the most proud of: he's tough, he's a great mentor, he's selfless, he's a team player, he's loyal, he's good-looking, and he flashes a smile bright enough to cut through the dreariest and grayest of skies.
One of the claims in the new book by Hank Haney, Tiger Woods' former swing coach, is that Woods seriously considered quitting golf to become a Navy SEAL. Huh?
Ward's playing time dwindled in 2011, as he mostly watched while young receivers like Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown excelled
So, as with most of the games this season, the Steelers finished their up-and-down season with an up-and-down game. With Mendenhall out for the playoffs, their entire game plan might need to change.
WATCH TRAILER ABOVE When Hines Ward signed a four-year contract extension in 2009, it seemed a certainty that football fans
Although Steelers fans will relish in this win, there's really only one thing on all of our minds: Revenge against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football.
Seeing as how the city of Pittsburgh held a rally for Ward after he won "Dancing With The Stars," Steelers fans might not
Read the whole interview here, and WATCH Ward take home the trophy on "Dancing with the Stars" below: Ward sat down with
Since you're probably a human being with things like responsibilities and priorities, you most likely didn't watch every reality show finale this week. Here are all of the reality show finales from this last week summed up and videoized.
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"I want to show America with my cha-cha that I got the hips. I got the swivel. I got the swag," Ward said to the camera. Hines
Here's the group that will vie for the mirrorball trophy. Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard will look to apply his sweet steps
"Black kids didn't want to hang out with me because I was Korean," he explained. "Korean kids didn't want to hang out with
Fate, fashion and their own faults combine to put the Steelers in a no-win situation in Sunday's matchup with the Green Bay Packers.
Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports interviewed several players, including Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward, about concussions
Even though the New York Jets have lost twice in a row, with quarterback Mark Sanchez struggling, it was difficult to predict the outcome of this important game.