The high court is declining to say whether the 73-year-old justice remains in the hospital.
"It's impacting every patient population that we take care of," a hospital director said of shortages that have left some blood centers with less than a day's supply.
“There is no medical school class that can prepare you for this level of death,” said Dr. Jacqueline Pflaum-Carlso.
The queen made her first scheduled appearance since last week's overnight hospital stay.
Three outdoor signs at St. Luke’s McCall Medical Center in Boise were vandalized late Saturday or early Sunday morning, hospital officials said.
Lifesaving surgeries are once again being delayed because hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID patients.
CNN's Don Lemon spoke with COVID-19 patients in a hospital "bursting at the seams."
"She began asking us the questions I’m always afraid of hearing: 'How does it look?' 'Was she touched?' 'Did anything happen to her?'”
Texas hospital employees filed suit over the requirement that they get the shot or they'd lose their jobs, comparing the vaccine to Nazi atrocities.
The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh has been hospitalized with an infection and a preexisting heart condition.