State Sen. Maureen Walsh said she regrets making the comment, adding that she was "tired" at the time.
Bernie Sanders and allies want to squeeze hospitals, which is very necessary — and very difficult.
The injured woman was able to speak when she was taken to a hospital.
Shirell Powell thought her sibling was brain-dead, but he was actually in a New York jail on an unrelated charge.
Five dialysis patients on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques have died while waiting for a dialysis clinic to finally reopen after Hurricane Maria. The remaining dialysis patients in Vieques must travel 25 miles by land and water to receive treatment.
A 22-week-old baby, Cullen Potter “graduates” in a cap and gown after spending 160 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
11-year-old Sophia Sanchez received news she is finally getting a heart transplant. This comes a week after a surprise hospital visit from Drake.
"Tree of life," the pop superstar captioned the picture.
An Emergency Room Doctor was suspended from a hospital after mocking a patient who was having an anxiety attack.
The 41st president had returned home from a separate hospitalization just weeks ago.
The 93-year-old is expected to remain in a regular hospital room for the next several days as he recovers.
Recuperative care facilities offer a safer and ultimately cheaper alternative.
Inside three Georgia counties that have struggled to keep their hospitals ― and futures ― alive.
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Hospitals decide whether to allow the practice and are primarily responsible for policing it.
Everyone wins when police dogs visit sick kids in the hospital.
While nurses are committed to caring for their patients, unfortunately, many struggle to take care of themselves.