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And the way Silverberg described himself: "I'm a maker of verbal objects. I think of myself as more as a sculptor, in a sense
Nnedi Okorafor and Naomi Novik just won Nebula Awards, one giant leap for womankind.
There are some good action sequences in Leviathan Wakes, which tries to blend a classic PI novel with "space opera," but
The science fiction novelist shares her thoughts on Amazon, Worldcon and the limitations of dystopia.
Let us look at a few examples of activists and artists rising above the din of the keyboard warriors to propose useful reforms or tell their stories in ways that help us see differently.
Science fiction both is, and always has been, a political genre. Of necessity, the politics of science fiction are reflective of the political climate in which it's written -- why else do we speculate about the future, but that we're concerned with the present?
During the Hugo Awards ceremony science fiction fans are celebrated, remembered, and rewarded along with the authors. Could you imagine Hollywood celebrating its fans by name and in person, along side the stars at the Oscars? Maybe people would start tuning in again.