Nothing says freedom like the wind beneath your Jetpack.
Yves "Jetman" Rossy has taken to the skies again -- this time, with a protégé in tow. Staggering stuff. On Monday, a video
Here, Rossi and Zoltan are pictured flying together with jet-propelled wings: A former fighter pilot and airline pilot, Rossy
The past, present and future of jetpacks will be featured in an upcoming Smithsonian channel documentary. The pilot flew
More recently, companies Powerhouse Productions, Jet Pack International, and Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana (TAM) have
At the start of the San Francisco Giants' home game against the Houston Astros on Wednesday night at AT&T Park, there had
Using a massive hose, the R200 sucks up massive amounts of water and pumps it out dual streams strapped to the back of the
Gawker first noted that it probably came from a story in the Weekly World News. For those who haven't noticed the publication
The jetpack complies with FAA Ultralight Regulations, and though users will not need a pilot's license to fly the equipment