john yoo

John Yoo told CNN's Chris Cuomo he was referring to the Ukrainians, not Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was listening in on the president's July 25 call to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.
Will Washington never learn?
The former George W. Bush official is a proponent for broad use of executive power. But Trump, he says, is crossing the line.
America's most famous waterboarding expert says Trump is missing the mark.
With its omnipresent surveillance, the U.S. government began aggressively targeting and prosecuting whistleblowers and other sources, putting renowned journalists and publishers worldwide directly or incidentally in their surveillance crosshairs.
However, the process that led to the selection of Guantanamo Bay to house detainees has not been publicly known. The Witness to Guantanamo project recently learned of the process through its interview of Pierre Prosper, Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues.
Even if we will not prosecute Cheney and the CIA, we should disbar and suspend Alberto Gonzales, who is in private practice, Jay Bybee who is now a federal appeals court judge and John Yoo who is a law professor at UC Berkeley.
Since the day President Obama took office, he has failed to bring to justice anyone responsible for the torture of terrorism